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Technical Specifications:

Model:  Aco Pro and Aco Lite

Voltage:  DC5V

Total Power:  <=2.5W

Noise level:  <=32dB

Power source:  USB type

Flow rate:  4m3 per hour

Negative ions:  5x106 per cm3

Net weight:  0.52 Kg

Dimensions:  125 x 194 mm

Recommended area:  10..15 m2

 Features and Advantages


This device filters the polluted air in our homes and increases the number of negative ions, protecting our health on the long-term. As it eliminates the dust and allergens, the particles of pollen and various bacteria, the hair of your pet animals, the smoke and odors, you will have:

  • A quiet, more relaxing sleep, along with prevention of snoring and sleep apnea

  • The significant reduction of the symptoms of asthma

  • Reduction of irritation and other respiratory ailments

  • The freshness of the air, which helps to combat the effects of stress and increases the attention and concentration during the day

  • Stimulation of metabolism and immunity, elimination of depressions.

The therapy with saline aerosols (only with model Aco Pro) has these advantages:

  • Disinfection of the upper and lower respiratory tract

  • Reduces the symptoms allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and bronchitis

  • Helps combat neurosises and the state of chronic fatigue

  • The additional UV sterilization removes dust mites and bacteria from the air and thus prevents the manifestation of the allergies.


 General information


This ionizing device uses a high voltage generator to ionize the air molecules. A great number of negative ions is produced this way, the so-called "vitamins of the air", that  helps cleansing the dust and removing the odors, smells and bacteria from the air in your rooms. Moreover, the saline air really helps improving your health and mood.


 Operating instructions


  • Connect the USB cable to the device and to the USB power adapter.

  • Plug the power adapter into the wall socket, the device enters the standby mode.

  • Press the On/Off button on the top, the unit and its decorative light are turning on.

  • Press the On/Off button one more time to enter the Sleep mode; the decorative light diminishes and the unit will automatically turn off after 8 hours.

  • Press the On/Off button again to turn off the unit.


 Internal structure


This four-in-one device contains the following parts (from top to bottom):

  • The button, top panel, button pcb, button cover, ion generator, pure salt reserve, fan, a fan stand, power and UV pcb, upper cover, decorative ring, base, filter.

  • The USB cable and an additional filter.


 Filtering performances


  • The air is purified by the absorption of dust particles, hair and pollen etc.

  • All the unpleasant odors are removed, including the tobacco ones and TVOC (volatile organic compounds); a supplemental UV sterilization of the air is also performed.

  • Most of the harmful airborne bacteria and dust mites are killed.

  • The oxigen level and the negative ions ratio are both improved.

  • The therapy with saline aerosols has many advantages, such as the disinfection of the upper and lower respiratory tract, reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and bronchitis and a really big help in fighting neurosises and the state of chronic fatigue.

  • The active carbon-based Hepa filter can completely remove Formaldehyde and PM2.5 (particles under 2.5 microns).

  • This filter can be also used to evaporate various flavoring oils.




To prevent the electric shocks, please remove the power cord before any maintaining or moving action on the appliance.

  • It is strictly prohibited to rinse this device with water, also do not place and use it near water sources or flammable substances.

  • Do not insert other cable (except the proper one you have already received) into this device's power port.

  • Do not place any object into the air outlet area in order to prevent any possible device malfunction.

  • Place this device in areas where children cannot reach it.

  • Do not insert or remove the power plug if your hands are wet.

  • Do not use any type of acid-base solution to cleanse the appliance.




  • Make sure you have unplugged the power adapter and disconnect the power cable before changing the filter.

  • Turn the device upside down in order to change the filter.

  • Rotate the old filter counterclockwise to unblock it.

  • Insert the new filter and rotate it clockwise to block it.




Problem: The device is not working.

A. Was the power switched on?  Solution:  Connect power, press the On/Off button.

B. Is the USB cable connected?   Solution: Connect or change the USB cable.


Problem: Do odors come out from the air outlet?

A. Filter is full of dust and particles.  Solution: Change the filter.

B. Filter lifespan is exceeded.  Solution: Change the filter.


Problem: Poor filtering efficiency

The machine is placed in a place with no air circulation.  Solution: Change the location or remove the nearby objects.


Problem: Slow venting or no airflow

Some objects could block the air flux. Solution: Remove those objects.



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